Monthly Archives: July 2012

Wednesday 1st Aug

Strength: Death by squat min 1 do 1 squat, min 2 do 2 reps, min 3 do 3… etc Aim for 110% of your body weight Met Con: 10-1 Press 50kg/35kg Chest to bar pull up Burpee CrossFit Rugby Strength:

Tuesday 31st July

Strength: Floor/bench press + clap push up 5x 3+6 Negative pull up, max reps with 5 sec lowering phase, 4 sets *you may kip to return to start height Met Con: 75 double unders Into 21/15/9 Pull up Ring dip

Monday 30th July

Strength: Power Snatch 6×2 Bar Dips 5×5-12 reps (on pull up bar) Met Con: 4 x 400m Run 2 mins rest