Monthly Archives: August 2012

Wednesday 29th August

Strength: Front Squat 10×2 60 sec rest Met Con: 3 rds 5 Deadlifts 140kg/90kg 5 Elevated handstand push ups Into 3 rds 20 KB swings 32kg/24kg 30 Double unders CrossFit Rugby Strength: 5 x 5 Squat @ 75% of 1RM

Tuesday 28th August

Strength: Bulgarian ring dip 5×5 Round the world 3×10 Strict chin up 3xmax Met Con: 5 Rounds Max reps floor press BW Max reps pull up Max L-sit hold Rest 60 secs

Monday 27th August

Gym closed:

Sunday 26th August

Gym closed:

Saturday 25th August

Strength: Overhead squat 3,3,3,3,3 Met Con: 50 Chest to bar pull ups 50 Ring push ups 50 V-sits 50 Single legged squats  

Friday 24th

Open Gym:

Thursday 23rd August

Due to the new floor being fitted tonight’s class will most likely be held on the playground. If the floor is finished in time for this evenings classes then we will be in our usual place. Strength/Power: KB Jerk 5x

Wednesday 22nd August

Strength: Power snatch + L-Sit hold 5×4+hold Met Con: 21/15/9 Back Squat 80kg/60kg Strict pull up Ring dip CrossFit Rugby: Strength: Power Clean 1 x 2 @ 60% of 1 RM 1 x 2 @ 70% 3 x 3 @

Tuesday 21st August

Strength: Muscle up 3x max reps Met Con: ‘Four Nations qualifier’ 8 mins to complete 30 Ground to overhead 62.5kg/45kg into…. as many rounds as possible in the time remaining of: ‘Cindy’ 5 Pull ups 10 Push ups 15 Squats

Monday 20th August

Strength/Power: For 14 mins perform 3 Box jumps on even mins 5 Strict handstand push ups on odd mins Met Con: Partner wod 400m Fireman carry (no.1) 400m Fireman carry (no.2) 50 Push ups while partner holds a ski sit