Wednesday 31st October

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Jules Deadlifting.

Squat 5,5,3,3,1,1
L-sit 60 seconds total

Met Con:
Pull up
Ring dip
On finishing complete 50 double unders, start within 30 secs of finishing


CrossFit Rugby:


Death by Shuttle – Complete as many Shuttles as you can in 66 seconds – followed by a 60 second recovery. Then with the clock running in the first minute perform 1 x Shuttle run. On minute two complete 2 x Shuttle run. Continue until you can’t complete the required number of reps in the minute.

Met Con: ‘The Beast’

16 minute AMRAP
6 KB Swings 32/24kg
6 Burpee Boxjumps
6 Wall Climbs
Then within 3 minutes of finishing complete either 66 seconds continuous, or as long as you can manage without re-gripping (max 66 seconds) deadlifts at 160/100kg.
RX’d totals will contribute to Alex’s birthday burpees.


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Tuesday 30th October

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The CFT comp final event:
10 deadlifts 100/70, 15 shoulder to overhead 45/30, 20 KB swings 24/16, 15 box jumps 24/20, 10 toes to bar, 15 box jumps, 20 KB swings, 15 shoulder to overhead, 10 deadlifts.

Power Clean 3,3,3,3,3
Press 5RM

Met Con:
21 Deadlifts 100/70kg
50 Squats
21 Shoulder to overhead 60/42.5
15 Deadlifts
35 Squats
15 Shoulder to overhead
9 Deadlifts
20 Squats
9 Shoulder to overhead

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Monday 29th October

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Event 5 of the CFT comp:
1RM Squat

Handstand practice 5-10mins
Front Lever x3
Back Lever x3

Met Con:
7 min AMRAP
3 Bar muscle ups
6 Handstand push ups
9 KB swings 32/24kg
rest 1 min
7 min AMRAP
5 Hang snatch 50/35kg
10 Pull ups
15 Over the box jumps 24/20″

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Saturday 27th October

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Event 4 from the CFT comp:
40 secs to achieve as many reps as possible of muscle ups, double unders, L-Sit (time held) & handstand push ups. 20 secs changeover between each exercise.

OH Lunge 3×10
Strict toes to bar 3×10

Met Con:
7 rds
3 Thrusters 80kg/55kg
5 Chest to bar pull ups
7 push-ups (hand release)

For those who missed it the other day please see the news page with regards to this years Christmas do.

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Thursday 25th October

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Event 2 from the CFT comp:
60m farmers carry race 130/70kg

Deadlift 5,5,3,3,1,1
Bench Press 5×5

Met Con:
3 rds
20 KB swings 32/24kg
20 Hand release push ups
20 Pull ups

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Wednesday 24th October

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Event 1 from the CFT comp.
800m run / 21 OH squats 40/25 / 15 pull ups / 400m run / 21 front squats 40/25 / 15 pull ups / 200m run 21 back squats 40/25 / 15 pull ups

Split Jerk 2,2,2,2,2
Met Con:
3 rds
15 Overhead squats 60/42.5kg
50 Double unders
50 sit ups

CrossFit Rugby:
Hang Power Clean – For 10 mins complete 3 Reps @ 70% of 1RM power clean on the minute every minute

Within 4 mins of finishing complete 3 attempts at Triple Broad Jump.
Watch one here -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s1OT6qmFys&feature=player_embedded

Met Con: 4 Rds for time
10 Power Snatches 45/30
10 Side to Side Cone Touches
10 Burpee Jackels 24/16kg
60secs active rest



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Tuesday 23rd October

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Athlete brief on Sat’s comp.

Front squat 5×3
Ring dip 3xmax

Met Con:
15 min AMRAP
5 Double KB clean & jerk 2x 32/20kg
20m Lunge walk 20kg/10kg
10 Pull ups

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