Saturday 1st December

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The creator of this beast and the birthday boy himself, James.

Deadlift 10 RM

Met Con:
James’s Birthday WOD
30 Double unders
1 Round of cindy
15 Ground to overhead 40/25kg
15 Wall balls 9/6kg
30 Double unders
2 Rounds of cindy
15 KB swings 32/24kg
15 Sit ups
30 Double unders
3 Rounds of cindy
15 Sumo deadlift high pulls 40/25kg
15 Push jerk 40/25kg
30 Double unders
4 Rounds of cindy
15 Power cleans 40/25kg
15 Burpees
30 Double unders
5 Rounds of cindy

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Friday 30th November

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Ben assisting Rich during last nights handstand practice.

Open Gym:

We are approaching our 2 year anniversary and we’re planning to put on a special event for it. As it will be just after the Christmas season we are thinking of something non alcohol related. If any of you have any ideas of some things you would like to do for it please let us know. At the moment we are thinking of doing a team run with ‘WOD’ check points, possibly using a map to find the locations but we are open to other suggestions.

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Thursday 29th November

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John practicing split jerks.

For 10 mins complete
5 Strict press + 5 box jumps 30/24″ at the start of each min

Met Con:
3 rds
400m Run
21 KB swings 24/16kg
12 Pull ups

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Wednesday 28th November

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Monday’s farmers carries.

For 10 mins perform
3 Hang cleans at the start of each min

Met Con:
Alternating tabata for 16 intervals
Power snatch 45/30kg
Ring dips

50 toes to bar for time

CrossFit Rugby:

Clean Complex 5 x 3
(Hang Clean/ Power Clean / Squat Clean = 1 Rep)

Met Con: ‘Fight Gone Bad’
3 Rds
1 Minute of Wall Ball 9/6kg
1 Minute of SDHP 35/25kg
1 Minute of Box Jumps 20″
1 Minute Push Press 35/25kg
1 Minute of Rowing (Calories)
1 Minute of Rest

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Tuesday 27th November

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John on his & Pats birthday burpees, 30 each as 2 teams beat them on the 1RM squats and 1 on the met con.

Muscle up x5
Skin the cat x5
Front lever x5
Back lever x5

Met Con:
London Throwdown qualifier 3
To be completed in any order and breakdown
75 Thrusters 35/25kg
75 Bar-Jumping Burpees
75 Pullups

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Monday 26th November

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Seb gets a new gym record with 230kg deadlift.

The Tower twins birthday wods:

Wod 1:
Working in pairs, 10 mins to reach a combined total weight on 1 RM squats, 1 must do a back squat and the other a front squat.

Wod 2:
In pairs complete
6 Farmer carries 140/80kg
88 Push press 50/35kg
103 Jumping lunges
*Once the wod starts the barbell cannot touch the floor, 5 burpee penalty if it does.

John & Pat will do 10 burpees for every team that beats them at RX weights.

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Saturday 24th November

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Chris squatting.

For 12 mins complete
3 Snatches on even mins
8 Chest to bar pull ups on odd

Met Con:
4 rds
10 KB snatches 40/24kg
12 Burpees

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Thursday 22nd November

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Tuesday’s bench press strength work.

Squat 5,5,3,3,1,1
Turkish get up x5 each arm

Met Con:
1 min wall balls 9/6kg
1 min snatches 60/42.5kg
1 min wall balls
1 min snatches
1 min …..etc
Finishes when you complete 30 snatches.
Score will be time minus amount of wall balls.
1 wall ball= 1 sec.
* there will be a 3 burpee penalty if you rest longer than 5 secs on the wall balls

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