Monthly Archives: November 2012

Saturday 1st December

Strength: Deadlift 10 RM Met Con: James’s Birthday WOD 30 Double unders 1 Round of cindy 15 Ground to overhead 40/25kg 15 Wall balls 9/6kg 30 Double unders 2 Rounds of cindy 15 KB swings 32/24kg 15 Sit ups 30

Friday 30th November

Open Gym: We are approaching our 2 year anniversary and we’re planning to put on a special event for it. As it will be just after the Christmas season we are thinking of something non alcohol related. If any of

Thursday 29th November

Strength: For 10 mins complete 5 Strict press + 5 box jumps 30/24″ at the start of each min Met Con: ‘Helen’ 3 rds 400m Run 21 KB swings 24/16kg 12 Pull ups

Wednesday 28th November

Strength: For 10 mins perform 3 Hang cleans at the start of each min Met Con: Alternating tabata for 16 intervals Power snatch 45/30kg Ring dips Finisher: 50 toes to bar for time CrossFit Rugby: Strength: Clean Complex 5 x

Tuesday 27th November

Strength: Muscle up x5 Skin the cat x5 Front lever x5 Back lever x5 Met Con: London Throwdown qualifier 3 To be completed in any order and breakdown 75 Thrusters 35/25kg 75 Bar-Jumping Burpees 75 Pullups

Monday 26th November

The Tower twins birthday wods: Wod 1: Working in pairs, 10 mins to reach a combined total weight on 1 RM squats, 1 must do a back squat and the other a front squat. Wod 2: In pairs complete 6

Sunday 25th November

Open Gym:

Saturday 24th November

Strength: For 12 mins complete 3 Snatches on even mins 8 Chest to bar pull ups on odd Met Con: 4 rds 10 KB snatches 40/24kg 12 Burpees

Friday 23rd November

Open Gym:

Thursday 22nd November

Strength: Squat 5,5,3,3,1,1 Turkish get up x5 each arm Met Con: 1 min wall balls 9/6kg 1 min snatches 60/42.5kg 1 min wall balls 1 min snatches 1 min …..etc Finishes when you complete 30 snatches. Score will be time