Monthly Archives: December 2012

Sunday 16th December

Gym Closed: CFT Awards: Coaches Athletes: Tommy & Jules Athletes Athletes: Steve E & Ruth Spirit of CrossFit: Pat & Anneka

Saturday 15th December

Strength/Power: Box Jump 5×3 Muscle up 4×5 Strict toes to bar 3×10 Met Con: 10 min AMRAP 5 Thrusters 60kg/42.5kg 10 Pull ups 20 Double unders  

Friday 14th December

Open Gym: The gym will open as usual tonight. Christmas party time, see you all tonight.  

Thursday 13th December

Strength: Squat 3×5 Weighted ring dip 5×3 Met Con: 10-1 Deadlift 110kg/75kg Handstand push up Finisher: 50 Double unders, start within 60secs of finishing the met con.  

Wednesday 12th December

Strength: Clean 5×3 Met Con: 3 rds 250m Row 15 Thrusters 42.5/30kg 15 Pull ups CrossFit Rugby: Speed: T-Test x 5 Before each set perform 3 Power Cleans at 75% of 1RM Met Con: 5 Rds 8 Strict Pullups 16 KB Swings

Tuesday 11th December

Strength: Front Lever 3 holds Strict handstand push up 5×5 (use elevated surface if needed) Weighted pull up 5×5 Met Con: 500m Row 3 rds – 15 KB swings 32/24kg – 15 Ring dips 500m Row

Monday 10th December

Strength: Deadlift 5×5 Met Con: 4 Rds 12 Front lunges 60/40kg 15 Pull-ups 12 Clean and Jerk 60/40kg 15 Knees to elbows  

Sunday 9th December

Open Gym:  

Saturday 8th December

Strength: Snatch 3,3,3 Press 5×5 Met Con: 9 Muscle ups 21 Deadlifts 100/70kg 7 Muscle ups 15 Deadlifts 5 Muscle ups 9 Deadlifts

Friday 7th December

Open Gym: