Thursday 6th December

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Nick & Jules doing some chin ups.

Overhead Squat 5×5
Single arm row 5×6+6

Met Con:
5 Front squats (heavy as possible)
25 pull ups
4 Front squats
20 pull ups
3 Front squats
15 pull ups
2 Front squats
10 pull ups
1 Front squat
5 pull ups


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Wednesday 5th December

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Last nights deadlifts.

Bench press 1,1,1,1,1,1
Ring Row 3x max

Met Con:
8 min AMRAP
Climb the ladder of
1 Ring dip
1 Box jump 30/24″
1 Burpee

CrossFit Rugby:


10 x 5/10/5 Shuttles with 60 seconds recovery during which perform 1 Deadlift @ 75% of 1 RM

Met Con:
4 Rds of 30 secs on 30 seconds off with 30 seconds recovery between rounds.

Max Burpees
Max Power Snatch 50/35kg
Max Situps
Max KB Swings 32/24kg

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Tuesday 4th December

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Claire pushing out some thrusters.

For 20 mins perform
3 Deadlifts on even mins
8 Plate abs on odd mins

Met Con:
Power snatch 40/25kg
Handstand push ups
Toes to bar


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Monday 3rd December

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Paul hitting his final rep of his 10 rep max deadlift.

3 Thrusters + 5 strict pull ups x10
Alternate the pull up grip: over, under, mixed, mixed. Aim to keep a hollow body position.

Met Con:
12 Cleans 70kg/50kg
20 Ring push ups
9 Cleans
20 Ring push ups
6 Cleans
20 Ring push ups

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