Sunday 21st April

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Jim and Theo working hard during Saturdays outdoor wod.

Gym Closed:
We are finalising numbers for the mobility seminar on the 4th & possibly the 27th. Both 12:30-15:30.

The 4th May is defiantly going ahead and I have the following people down as wanting to attend or they have already paid:
Paul C, Dom, Dia, Mike, Jamie V, Debbie W, Tommy, Monika, Claire P, Shelly
For those who haven’t already paid can you please pay over the next few days to confirm your place.

For the 27th I have the following down as wanting to attend:
Ben A, Helen, Gary
I also have Clive and Darrell as ‘maybes’

If anyone else would like to attend the seminar on the 27th please let me know asap.
We currently need a few more for the 27th to make it go ahead. If it doesn’t then we can move all those on the 27th to the 4th if they can make it. We will make a decision Monday morning.

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Saturday 20th April

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Theo’s last day today before he joins the Marines.

Today we are training on the 3G AstroTurf pitch. Please go straight onto the pitch. Another party has hired the gym for the day.

Met Con:
Working in 3’s in a relay.
5 mins on each station with 1 min recovery between each.
1. Prowler push
2. Farmers carry
3. Sled drag (backwards)
4. Tyre flips
5. Sled sprint (forwards)

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Friday 19th April

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Jules holding a L-Sit.

Snatch pull + hang snatch 5×2+1
Squat 3×5

Met Con:
7 Deadlifts 150/95kg
7 Muscle ups
90 sec rest
21 Wall balls 9/6kg
21 Toes to bar

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Thursday 18th April

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Matt on his prowler race.

Skin the cat 3×3
Strict handstand push up 4×5 (use difficult scaling)
L-Sit 60 sec hold in total

Met Con:
21 ring dips
9 power snatches 60/42.5kg
15 ring dips
7 power snatches
9 ring dips
5 power snatches


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Weds 17th April

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Richard during last nights prowler races.

5 x 2 Clean Complex + 1 Jerk
3, 3, 3 Front Squat

Met Con:
15min AMRAP
5 Hang cleans 60/45kg
7 Over the box squat jumps 24/20″
10 Pull ups
200 metre run


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Tuesday 16th April

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John powering up some thrusters.

Prowler Race:
* pull ups + 3 shuttles prowler push
* 25 or 20 or 15 depending on ability

Met Con:
3 rds
20 burpees
20 sit ups
20 push ups
3 shuttles with down & up at each end

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Monday 15th April

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Playing around at open gym. Our very own home made yoke.

Met Con 1:
For 20 mins complete
8 Thrusters on even mins (as heavy as possible, unbroken set)
5 muscle ups on odd mins

Met Con 2:
1 mile run for time

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Sunday 15th April

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Congratulations to Steve who won a 3rd place finish in the ‘Raising the Bar – European Masters’ comp in Cardiff. John & Pat also put in strong performances reaching the later stages of the comp.

Open Gym:

Next Saturdays (20th) WOD will be outside. We are going to be using the 3G AstroTurf pitch. We will not have access to the gym so you may wish to bring a bag or leave your valuables in the car.

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Saturday 13th April

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Mark working through his double unders from yesterdays wod.

Sumo deadlift 10×3 on the min
Press 5,5,5,5,5

Met Con:
KB swing 40/24kg
handstand push up
toes to bar

300m row to start within 30 sec of finishing


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Friday 12th April

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Gary flying through his kettle bell swings.

Muscle up + handstand 3×5+20sec
Dish to arch holds 3x30sec+30sec

Met Con:
8 rds
5 KB clean & jerks 2x 32/20kg
10 Pistols
30 double unders

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