Saturday 1st June

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Sophie during Thursdays met con. Met Con 1: For 10 mins complete 5 knees to elbow + 3 Hang Cleans Met Con 2: [...]

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Friday 31st May

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Lauren hitting some great numbers in last nights deadlifts. Strength: Snatch 5x3 Met Con: For 20 mins complete 3 Front squats on even [...]

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Thursday 30th May

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Mondays thrusters. Strength: Deadlift 8x3 Met Con: 3 rds 15 Shoulder to overhead 60/42.5kg 15 Toes to bar 15 Box jumps 30/24"

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Wednesday 29th May

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Em & Ben on Farmers carries. Team WOD With the run up to Tribal Clash and a couple of other team comps we [...]

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Tuesday 28th May

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Simon & Paul during last nights farmers carries. Strength: Bench press 5x5 Pull up 3xmax Met Con: 50/40/30/20/10 KB swing 24/16 Double under [...]

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Monday 27th May

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Jason Khalipa is once again proving what a strong contender he is this year. *You may need to use the pedestrian gate today* [...]

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Saturday 25th May

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Vanessa snatching. Strength: 2 Cleans + 1 jerk x5 Squat 3x3 Met Con: 'In honour of Lee Rigby' 22 Calorie row 25 Squat [...]

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Friday 24th May

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Anita during last nights squats. Strength: Muscle up 3xmax L-Sit on rings 2 mins total Met Con: 21/15/9 Deadlift 110/75kg Hand release push [...]

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Thursday 23rd May

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Alex competing at the European Regionals. Strength: Power clean 3,3,3,3,3 Met Con: For 20 mins complete 3 Squats on even mins 5 Pull [...]

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