Saturday 1st June

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Sophie during Thursdays met con.

Met Con 1:
For 10 mins complete
5 knees to elbow + 3 Hang Cleans

Met Con 2:
5 Rds
8 Strict Pullups
16 KB Swings 32/20 kg
200 metre row
90 seconds rest between rds


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Friday 31st May

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Lauren hitting some great numbers in last nights deadlifts.

Snatch 5×3

Met Con:
For 20 mins complete
3 Front squats on even mins
10 Ring dips on odd


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Thursday 30th May

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Mondays thrusters.

Deadlift 8×3

Met Con:
3 rds
15 Shoulder to overhead 60/42.5kg
15 Toes to bar
15 Box jumps 30/24″

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Wednesday 29th May

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Em & Ben on Farmers carries.

Team WOD

With the run up to Tribal Clash and a couple of other team comps we will be running a team wod on Wednesdays for the next few weeks. The workouts will be unannounced to get you all thinking quickly on how to split the wods up.

Gymnastics will run as usual.

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Tuesday 28th May

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Simon & Paul during last nights farmers carries.

Bench press 5×5
Pull up 3xmax

Met Con:
KB swing 24/16
Double under
*On the min complete 5 clap push ups*

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Monday 27th May

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Jason Khalipa is once again proving what a strong contender he is this year.

*You may need to use the pedestrian gate today*
Farmers carry x5

Met Con:
Muscle up
Thruster 70/50kg

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Saturday 25th May

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Vanessa snatching.

2 Cleans + 1 jerk x5
Squat 3×3

Met Con:
‘In honour of Lee Rigby’
22 Calorie row
25 Squat clean 42.5/30kg
22 Double unders
25 Bar hop burpees
22 Double unders
25 Push press 42.5/30kg
22 Double unders
25 Pull ups
22 Calorie row


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Friday 24th May

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Anita during last nights squats.

Muscle up 3xmax
L-Sit on rings 2 mins total

Met Con:
Deadlift 110/75kg
Hand release push ups

Max sit ups in 2 mins


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Thursday 23rd May

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Alex competing at the European Regionals.

Power clean 3,3,3,3,3

Met Con:
For 20 mins complete
3 Squats on even mins
5 Pull ups + 5 ring dips on odd mins

Al’s birthday finisher:
3 set of 21’s

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