Monday 22nd July

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Paul & Helen during theo’s birthday wod.

Deadlift 10×2 (on the min)
Double KB press 4×5-8

Met Con:
working for 1 min then 1 min off complete the following exercises:
1. Power cleans 60/40kg
2. Front squat 60/40kg
3. Shoulder to overhead 60/40kg
4. Deadlifts 60/40kg
5. Ring dips

ie: 1 min PC, 1 min rest, 1 min FS, 1 min rest etc


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Saturday 20th July

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Theo during last years cft comp.

Theo’s birthday Wod

Met Con:
400m run
21 GTOH 20/10kg (weight disc)
7 rds
-21 double unders
-19 pull ups
92 burpees

Yes he did choose to do 92 burpees.

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Friday 19th July

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Last nights tabata wod.

Squat 3×3
Press 3×3

Met Con:
5 rds
10 shoulder to overhead 70/50kg
1 length front lunge 70/50kg
1 length bear crawl


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Thursday 18th July

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Handstand push ups.

For 20 mins complete
1 clean pull + 1 hang clean + 1 Jerk on even mins
10-30 sec L-sit hold on odd

Met Con:
Alternating tabata for 16 intervals
Sumo deadlift high pull 32/24kg

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Wednesday 17th July

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Piers overhead squatting.

Team Wod:

Summer party/BBQ 28th July
Held in the new sports pavilion at Hayesbrook.
Times: 13:30-19:00
£2 Entry, enters you into raffle
Kids free
BBQ buffet to purchase
Bouncy castle
Bring your own drinks
Paleo pudding competition

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Tuesday 16th July

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The 17:15 class returning from one of last nights 200m runs.

Deadlift work to a heavy single then max reps @85% of your 1RM
*Rest as needed between the heavy single and max reps

Met Con:
5 rds
Max bench/floor press BW
Max pull ups (kipping)



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Monday 15th July

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Saturdays pairs wod.

Hang snatch 5×2 (progressive)
OH squat taken from floor 3RM (7mins)

Met Con:
5 rds
200m Run
7 Thrusters 60/40kg
5 Bar muscle ups



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Sunday 14th July

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James cleaning a new PB of 111kg.

Gym closed:

Please ensure that you cancel your booking or email us if you cannot make a class (2+ hours before if possible). Over the last 2 weekends we have had a number of no shows to classes that were full and had people on the waiting list that wanted to train. We will now be clamping down on no shows to classes.

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Saturday 13th July

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Tommy during one of his strength sessions benching KB’s,

In 10 mins establish 1RM clean (squat)
Squat 3×3

Met Con:
In pairs complete
100 double unders (min 30/70 split)
50 Handstand push ups
* 1 performs hspu while other holds a handstand.
40 Toes to bar
* 1 performs t2b while other hangs on the bar.
30 shoulder to overhead 70/50kg
* 1 performs stoh while other holds a KB in the front rack 32/24kg.
50 front lunges 70/50kg

** during the met con you can alternate who works as many times as you want.
*** partners may only work when the other is holding the relevant position.


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