Monday 30th December

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Want to get strong, get down to strongman Sundays.

Squat 5×5

Met Con:
70 wall balls 9/6kg
70 chest to bar pull ups
70 pistols
70 KB snatch 24/16kg (from ground)


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Saturday 28th December

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Post comp photo of the CFT girls.

Met Con:
1000m row
50 thrusters 20kg
30 pull ups

Strength Endurance:
5-12 handstand push ups on the min for 5 mins
then using an on the min format:
1 chest to bar pull up + 1 toes to bar on min 1
2 chest to bar pull up + 2 toes to bar on min 2
3 chest to bar pull up + 3 toes to bar on min 3
etc…until you cannot fit the allocated reps in that min.

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Friday 27th December

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30 reps, just hang on in there.

Front squat 5,5,5,5,5

Met Con:
30 clean & jerks 60/40kg

Met Con 2:
Double unders
Sit ups

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Monday 23rd December

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Dennis hitting some muscle ups.

Snatch 3×3

Met Con:
8 rds
3 Cleans 85/60kg
15 Push ups

Pull ups with 30 sec rest between sets

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Sunday 22nd December

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Saturday 08:15 class prepped for the 12 days of Christmas wod.

Open gym:

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