Monthly Archives: January 2014

Saturday 1st February

Team Met Con: In a team of 5 complete: 30 min AMRAP 20 calories row 20 KB push press 2×24/16kg 20 box jumps 20 push ups 20 wall balls 9/6kg 3 rope climbs *Once a team member finishes on a

Friday 31st January

Met Con: ‘Linda’ 10-1 Clean (any) 75% body weight Bench or floor press body weight Deadlift 150% body weight Finisher: 6 min plank, change position every 30 sec

Thursday 30th January

Strength: Front squat 5,5,3,3,1,1 Strict pull up 3xmax Met Con: 100 double unders 50 handstand push ups 40 toes to bar 30 shoulder to over head 72.5/45kg 30 lunges 72.5/45kg

Wednesday 29th January

Strength: In a team of 3 achieve a total score for a max power clean Met Con: In your team Row 1500m Then 120 Reps – split equally of: Wall Balls – Non-workers* hold plank Sit ups – * 50-30kg

Tuesday 28th January

Strength: Squat 5×3 Press 5×3 Met Con: 10 front squats 75/52.5kg 20 push ups 9 front squats 18 push ups 8+16, 7+14………..1+2

Monday 27th January

Strength: Bar muscle up 3 on the min for 10 mins Strict toes to bar 3×10 Met Con: 2 rds 30 burpees 30 oh squats 50/35kg 30 chest to bar pull ups

Sunday 26th January

Strongman: 14:00-15:00 Open Gym: 15:00-16:00

Saturday 25th January

Strength: For 12 mins complete 3 hang power cleans on even mins 3 push press on odd mins Met Con: 9 snatches (squat) 60/40kg 21 pull ups 7 snatches 15 pull ups 5 snatches 9 pull ups

Friday 24th January

Strength: Squat 5×3 Press 5×3 Met Con: ‘Elizabeth’ 21/15/9 Clean (squat) 60/42.5kg Ring dip

Thursday 23rd January

Strength: Gymnastic ring work 10 mins work on any of the following: Ring handstands / skin the cats / levers Met Con: ‘Barbara’ 5 rds 20 pull ups 30 push ups 40 sit ups 50 squats 3 mins rest