Wednesday 22nd January

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Chris loading up Mike for weighted push ups.

In pairs achieve a combined 3rm score for a front squat (10 mins)
Then in 2 mins complete as many handstand push ups as possible

Met Con:
50 pull up by in (can be split anyway)
partner A:
2 deadlifts 150/100kg
10 thrusters 70/50kg
Partner B:
2 deadlifts 150/100kg
10 thrusters 70/50kg
increase the deadlifts and decrease the thrusters by 2 reps until you finish on
10 deadlifts & 2 thrusters.
50 pull up cash out

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Tuesday 21st January

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Rich’s Birthday burpees, only 10 with only Paul beating him.

5 muscle ups on the min for 10
Weighted push ups 3×10

Met con:
7min AMRAP
3 cleans 70/50kg
3 toes to bar

500m row for time

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Monday 20th January

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Jim working hard on some arm over arm pulls at Strongman Sunday.

Snatch 10×1

Met Con:
Rich’s Birthday WOD
50 pistol squats (alternating legs)
30 box jumps 24/20″
40 ring dips
30 box jumps
30 kb swings 32/24kg
30 box jumps
20 chest to bar pull ups
30 box jumps
10 overhead squats 60/40kg

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Sunday 19th January

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We’ll be hitting some more ‘Open practice’ wods next week.


There is a change of time due to us running a first aid course. There will be no open gym. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Saturday 18th January

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Tommy on his way to a 260kg Farmers deadlift.

Squat 5×3
Weighted pull up 5×3

Met Con:
3 rds
15 thrusters 45/30kg
15 toes to bar

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Friday 17th January

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Al on overhead squats.

Muscle ups 4×5-10 (2 sets bar & 2 sets rings)
Round the world toes to bar 3×10

Met Con:
12 min AMRAP
20 Snatch 35/20kg
20 box jump overs 24/20″
20 Snatch 50/35kg
20 box jump overs 24/20″
20 Snatch 65/40kg
20 box jump overs 24/20″
As many snatch as possible at 80/45kg


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Thursday 16th January

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Mike KB pressing.

Power clean + clean + 2 jerks x6
OH squat 4×4

Met Con:
Pull ups
Handstand push ups

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Wednesday 15th January

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George on farmers deadlifts.

In a team of 3 achieve a total score between you for
Press / push press / jerk
Between you max strict pull ups in 2 mins

Met Con:
In your team complete an 18 minute AMRAP of
40 snatches (squat) 60/40kg
50 pull ups
60 burpees

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Tuesday 14th January

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Last nights squats.

Deadlift 3 on the min for 10 mins

Met Con:
50 wall balls 9/6kg
50 double unders
10 muscle ups

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Monday 13th January

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Aftermath of one of last weeks wods.

Squat + KB press 5×5+5

Met Con:
3 rds of 1 min of each
Toes to bar
Push ups
Box jumps 24/20″
KB swings 32/24kg

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