Monthly Archives: February 2014

Saturday 1st March

Met Con: Open wod 14.1 10 min AMRAP 30 double unders 15 snatches 35/25kg Strength: Front squat 6×4 KB press 3×6

Friday 28th February

Speed/endurance: 1000m row Met Con: 10 rds 10 deadlifts 100/70kg 10 pull ups

Thursday 27th February

Strength: KB bench press + chest to bar pull up 5x 8+8 GHD sit up 3×10 Met Con: 21 STOH 65/45kg 50 double unders 15 STOH 50 double unders 9 STOH 50 double unders

Wednesday 26th February

Strength: In a pairs achieve a combined weight for the following complex in 10 mins Power clean + clean + front squat + jerk Met Con: In your pair complete (divide as needed) 25 min AMRAP 5  hang cleans (squat)

Tuesday 25th February

Strength: Snatch 5×3 Squat 4×4 Strength Met Con 1: 3 rds 1 Strict handstand push up 1 Strict ring pull up 3 Strict handstand push ups 3 Strict ring pull ups 5 Strict handstand push ups 5 Strict ring pull

Monday 24th February

Strength: Ring muscle up 3xmax * Perform a max height box jump before each set Met Con: ‘Adams birthday wod’ 1000m Row then 2 rds 38 burpees 38 pull ups

Sunday 23rd February

Strongman: 14:00-15:00 Open Gym: 15:00-16:00

Saturday 22nd February

Strength: Farmers walk 6×1 shuttle * perform 5 strict chest to bar pull ups before each set. Met Con: 21/15/9 OH squats 60/40kg Toes to bar

Friday 21st February

Skill: 10 mins handstand practice Strength Met Con: For 20 mins complete 2 squats on even mins 5 ring muscle ups on odd Finisher: Toes to bar 3xmax

Thursday 20th February

Strength: Power Snatch 6×3 Bent over row 5×5 Met Con: 3x 5 min AMRAP’s with 1 min rest between 1: 12 ring dips & 20 kb lunges (front rack) 2x 20/12kg 2: As much of ‘Annie’ as possible 3: 10