Tuesday 1st April

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One of last weeks wods in full flow.

Front squat 5×4
Bench 5rm

Met Con:
3 rds
400m run
21 wall balls
12 ring dips

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Monday 31st March

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Antony mid bear complex.

Jerk + Leg lifts 5×3+10

Met Con:
25 min AMRAP
11 chest-to-bar pull-ups
2 deadlifts 145/95kg
10 handstand push-ups

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Saturday 29th March

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John & Pat on Thursdays wod.

Met Con:
Open wod 14.5
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
Thrusters 43/29kg (minimum weight required)
Bar facing burpees

Strict pull up + ring dip 5×10+10
(use weight if needed)

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Friday 28th March

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Nicola & Silke on last nights wod.

Squat 8×2
Strict chest to bar 5×5-10

Met Con:
1000m row
50 KB swings 32/24kg
30 ring dips
20 pull ups
10 handstand push ups

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Thursday 27th March

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Claire pressing.

Met Con:
for 10 mins complete
10 front lunges on even mins
8 KB press on odd mins
for 10 mins complete
3 bear complex’s on even mins
2 rope climbs on odd mins
for 10 mins complete
10 bar facing burpees on even mins
10 toes to bar on odd

Go as heavy as possible

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Wednesday 26th March

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14.4 done, one more to go.

Met Con 1:
In a team of 3 complete 4500m row.
A team member cannot complete more than 500m in 1 sitting.

Met Con 2:
In your team complete
15 bar muscle ups (can be partner assisted)
30 thrusters 60/40kg
45 chest to bar pull ups
60 hand release push ups
90m OH lunge walk (9 lengths) 25/15kg
60 hand release push ups
45 chest to bar pull ups
30 thrusters
15 bar muscle ups

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Tuesday 25th March

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John & Clive post wod.

Power snatch + snatch + oh squat x6
Clean & jerk 5×1

Met Con:
5 deadlifts 125/80kg
10 burpees

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Monday 24th March

By |2019-10-16T16:11:03+00:00March 23rd, 2014|Workout Of the Day|

Matt pressing.

Skin the cat + muscle up + 5 dips + L – sit + forward roll + 5 ring pull ups x4

Met Con:
STOH 60/40kg
Pull ups
*perform 3 power snatches before each round

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