Tuesday 1st April

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One of last weeks wods in full flow. Strength: Front squat 5x4 Bench 5rm Met Con: 3 rds 400m run 21 wall balls [...]

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Monday 31st March

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Antony mid bear complex. Strength: Jerk + Leg lifts 5x3+10 Met Con: 'Zimmerman' 25 min AMRAP 11 chest-to-bar pull-ups 2 deadlifts 145/95kg 10 [...]

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Saturday 29th March

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John & Pat on Thursdays wod. Met Con: Open wod 14.5 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of: Thrusters 43/29kg (minimum weight required) Bar facing burpees Strength: [...]

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Friday 28th March

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Nicola & Silke on last nights wod. Strength: Squat 8x2 Strict chest to bar 5x5-10 Met Con: 1000m row 50 KB swings 32/24kg [...]

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Thursday 27th March

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Claire pressing. Met Con: for 10 mins complete 10 front lunges on even mins 8 KB press on odd mins for 10 mins [...]

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Wednesday 26th March

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14.4 done, one more to go. Met Con 1: In a team of 3 complete 4500m row. A team member cannot complete more [...]

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Tuesday 25th March

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John & Clive post wod. Strength: Power snatch + snatch + oh squat x6 Clean & jerk 5x1 Met Con: 5rds 5 deadlifts [...]

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Monday 24th March

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Matt pressing. Strength: Skin the cat + muscle up + 5 dips + L - sit + forward roll + 5 ring pull [...]

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