Wednesday 21st May

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In a pair achieve a total weight for a clean + front squat + jerk.

Met Con:
In your pair complete
6 rds
6 power snatches 60/40kg
9 chest to bar pull ups
24 jumping lunges
6 rds
6 power cleans 75/50kg
9 burpees
12 pull ups
* alternate rounds.

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Tuesday 20th May

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Bar muscle up 5×5
*hold a 40 sec dish after each set

Met Con:
10 mins to complete
3 rds
50 double unders
7 thrusters 60/40kg
15 toes to bar
At 10 mins start:
3 rds
15 KB swings 32/24
15 box jumps
* you cannot start section 2 before the 10 min start point.

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Monday 19th May

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Deadlift 6×3

Met Con:
7 rds
7 front squats 70/47.5kg
7 chest to bar pull ups
7 burpees
7 handstand push ups

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Saturday 17th May

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Dumbbell Bench press 5×6
Met Con:
3 RFT of
14 burpee TTB
5 squat cleans 90/50kg
14 stoh 60/40kg
19 KB/DB snatch (alt) 24/16kg

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Friday 16th May

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1 clean + 2 jerks x8
Kipping toes to bar 3xmax

Met Con:
A play in ‘Isabel’
30 snatches (any style) 60/40kg
*perform 5 burpees at the start of each min including the first.

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Thursday 15th May

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Squat 2,2,2,2 then max reps at 85% of your best set.
Press 3×5

Met Con:
5 rds
200m run
20 push ups
10 deadlifts 110/75kg

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Wednesday 14th May

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Bar muscle up 5×5
* perform a 40 sec dish hold after each set.

Met Con:
In a team of 3 complete
3 rds
45 One arm KB/DB overhead squats 20/12kg
45 Chest to bar pull-ups
6 Rope climbs
45 Shoulder to overhead 50/35kg
* all team members can work at once and on separate stations if desired.
** a full round must be completed before the team starts the next round.

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Tuesday 13th May

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Strength Met Con:
for 16 mins complete
3 power cleans on even mins
1 legless rope climb on odd mins

Met Con:
10 min AMRAP
3 thrusters 45/30kg
3 KB swings 32/24
3 ring push ups
9,9,9 etc..

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Monday 12th May

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For 16 mins
Snatch + hang snatch on even mins
5 strict handstand push ups on odd

Met Con:
Regional wod 7
64 pull ups
8 overhead squats 90/60kg

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