Monthly Archives: December 2014

Thursday 1st January

Gym Closed

Wednesday 31st December

Gym Closed

Tuesday 30th December

Strength: Oh squat 10rm Behind the neck press 3×6 Met Con: 100 pull ups 100 Kb swings 24/16kg 100 double unders 100 oh lunges 15/5kg

Monday 29th December

Strength: 3 power cleans + 3 push press x5 Weighted chest to bar pull ups 5×3 Met Con: 12 min amrap 6 front squats 70/50kg 9 toes to bar 12 push ups

Sunday 28th December

Gym Closed

Saturday 27th December

Strength: For 16 mins complete 5 DB bench press on even mins 5 Squats on odd Met Con: 500m row 15 power snatches 50/35kg 15 handstand push ups 100 double unders 15 handstand push ups 15 power snatches 500m row

Friday 26th December

Gym Closed

Thursday 25th December

Merry Christmas

Wednesday 24th December

Gym Closed

Tuesday 23rd December

Met Con 1: 9,7,5 KB C&J 2×32/20kg Muscle ups Met Con 2: 3 rds 10 Deadlifts 120/85kg 15 box jumps 30/24″