Monthly Archives: August 2015

Tuesday 1st September

Met Con: 10 rds 5 handstand push ups 10 pull ups 5 thrusters 70/47.5kg Finisher: Tababta sit ups

Monday 31st August

Gym closed

Sunday 30th August

Gym closed

Saturday 29th August

Strengrh: On the min for 10 mins complete 3 speed front squats then Power snatch 6×3 Met Con: Richard’s Birthday wod 42,29,8 Wall balls Deadlifts 80/55kg Push ups

Friday 28th August

Strength: Weighted muscle up 1xmax Strict muscle up 1xmax Kipping muscle ups 1xmax Push press 3×6 Met Con: 20 min AMRAP 5 strict handstand push ups 10 pull ups 15 sit ups 400m run 2 rds 5 strict handstand push

Thursday 27th August

Strength: Squat 5×5 Met Con: Snatch DT 5 rds 12 snatch grip deadlifts 9 hang power snatch 6 oh squats Rx=60/40kg

Wednesday 26th August

Met Con: 5 rds 5 rope climbs 20 ring dips 25 v sits 30 kb swings 24/16kg 2 mins rest

Tuesday 25th August

Strength: Clean 6×2 Squat 5rm Met Con: 9,7,5 Man maker 2×24/16kg Burpee pull ups

Monday 24th August

Strength: 1 jerk + 5 handstand push ups 6 sets GHD sit ups 3×15 Met Con: 15 min AMRAP 5 kb C&J 2×32/24kg 1 length bear crawl 12 chest to bar pull ups 1 length broad jumps

Sunday 23rd August

Gym closed