Tuesday 22nd December

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CrossFit Total
1 rm squat
1 rm press
1 rm deadlift
Max of 30 mins to complete all 3.

Met Con:
30 snatches (any) 60/40kg

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Monday 21st December

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12 days of Christmas WOD:
1 Snatch 70/45
2 Burpee pull ups
3 Strict handstand push up
4 Power cleans 70/45
5 Toes to bar
6 Tiger push ups
7 Front squats 70/45
8 KB swings 32/24
9 Pull ups
10 Jumping lunges
11 V-sits
12 Deadlifts 70/45

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Saturday 19th December

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Snatch 3×3
Clean + front squat + jerk 4×2

Met Con:
5 rope climbs
5 thrusters 80/55kg
10 chest to bar pull ups
10 thrusters 60/45kg
15 pull ups
15 thrusters 40/35kg

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Friday 18th December

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Press 5×5
Strict toes to bar 3×10

Met Con:
Power cleans 60/40kg
Ring dips
Front squats 60/40kg
Push ups

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Tuesday 15th December

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Jerk 3rm
Weighted pull up 3×6

Met Con:
9 burpee & ground to overhead 2×20/12kg
20 knees to elbow
7 burpee & ground to overhead
15 knees to elbow
5 burpee & ground to overhead
10 knees to elbow

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