Friday 19th February

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For 20 mins complete
3 front squats on even mins
30 sec wall handstand hold on odd

Met Con:
6 min AMRAP
3 power clean & jerk 50/35kg
10 toes to bar
6 power clean & jerk
10 toes to bar
9 power clean & jerk
10 toes to bar
12 + 10 Etc…

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Wednesday 17th February

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Handstand push ups 5×5
Use deficit if needed

Met Con:
1 mile run
60 box jumps
60 pull ups
800m run
40 box jumps
40 pull ups
400m run
20 box jumps
20 pull ups

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Tuesday 16th February

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Turkish get up 3×3 each arm
Leg raise to L-sit 3×10 performed slowly.

Met Con:
5 rds
5 KB snatch R 32/24kg
5 KB snatch L 32/24kg
10 2 for 1 wall balls
15 ring dips

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Monday 15th February

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CFT total:
1 rm power clean + push press
Rm 1 clean + 5 front squats
1 rm weighted pull up

Met Con:
3×10 hang squat snatch + 10 unbroken CtB after each set

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Saturday 13th February

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Strict muscle up 3xmax
Push press 3rm

Met Con:
4x 3 min AMRAP with 1 min rest between:
7 stoh 70/47.5kg
7 burpees
7 chest to bar pull ups

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Friday 11th February

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2 Power snatches on the min for 8 mins
4 mins rest/prep for cleans
2 Cleans on the min for 8 mins

Met Con:
Box jump 30/24″
Pull ups

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Thursday 11th February

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Jerk 3×3
L-sit 3xmax

Met Con:
KB swings 24/16kg
200m run
2,4,6,8,10 lengths
Overhead lunge 15/5kg

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