Saturday 31st December

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2 Cleans and 2 Jerks x 5
BB Cycling 3×10 Squat Snatch

Met Con:
Stoh 60/40kg
Toes to bar

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Friday 30th December

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Weighted Ring Dips 5×5 + 10 Unbroken Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Met Con:
2 Rounds
50 Box Jumps 24/20″
30 Handstand Push Ups
50 Deadlifts 70/47.5kg
30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

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Wednesday 28th December

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5×2 Snatch
BB Cycling 3×10 Power Clean and Jerk

Met Con:
Open WOD 16.2
4 mins to Complete
25 Toes to Bar
50 Double Unders
15 Squat Cleans 60/35kg
If finished, proceed to 4 mins of:
25 Toes to Bar
50 Double Unders
13 Squat Cleans 85/32.5kg
If finished, proceed to 4 mins of:
25 Toes to Bar
50 Double Unders
11 Squat Cleans 100/65kg
If finished, proceed to 4 mins of:
25 Toes to Bar
50 Double Unders
9 Squat Cleans 125/80kg

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Tuesday 27th December

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6x 200m runs. 2 mins rest between

Met Con:
5 thrusters 40/30kg
20 pull ups
10 thrusters
15 pull ups
15 thrusters
10 pull ups
20 thrusters
5 pull ups

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Saturday 24th December

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12 Days of Christmas WOD:
1 Ball to Shoulder 75/50kg
2 Burpee Pull Ups
3 Handstand Push Ups Strict/RX
4 Power Cleans 80/50kg
5 Toes to Bar
6 Tiger Push Ups
7 Burpee Wall Balls 20/14lbs
8 KB Swings 32/24
9 Pull Ups
10 Jumping Lunges
11 V-Sits
12 Deadlifts 80/50kg

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Friday 23rd December

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Squat 5×3 + 10 Strict Toes to Bar

Met Con:
3 Rounds
500m Row
21 Wall Balls
12 Strict Ring Dips

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Thursday 22nd December

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Snatch 5×2
BB Cycling 3×10 Power Clean and Jerk

Met Con:
20 min AMRAP
9 Deadlifts 110/75kg
8 Muscle Ups
9 Squat Cleans 70/47.5kg

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Wednesday 21st December

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In a Team of 4
Complete 5000m Row – change every 250m

On the Min for 10 Mins
1 Bear Complex (Power Clean + Front Squat + STOH + Back Squat + STOH)

Toes to Bar 3×15

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