Saturday 1st April

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Strength: Front squat 5,3,1,3,5 Met Con: 100 wall balls 100 pull ups 100 builder push ups 100 db power snatch 22.5/15kg

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Friday 31st March

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Strength: Snatch 5x1 Weighted pull up 3x5 Met Con: 3 rds 20 oh lunges 25/15kg 15 pull ups 10 hang squat clean thrusters 50/35kg

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Thursday 30th March

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Strength: Press + ring row 5x5+10 Met Con: 3 rds 1 min max back squats 80/55kg 1 min rest 1 min max toes to bar [...]

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Wednesday 29th March

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Met Con: 1 mile run 30 clean & jerks (any style) 80/55kg 800m run 50 chest to bar pull ups 400m run 70 wall balls

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Tuesday 28th March

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Strength: Clean & Jerk 5x1 Met Con: 15 min AMRAP 3 rope climbs (or 9 CtB) 6 burpee box jumps 30/24" 9 hanstand push ups

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Monday 27th March

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Strength: 3x max strict chest to bar + strict dips L-sit 60 sec total Met Con: 21,15,9 Deadlift 100/70kg Thruster 2x24/16kg KB's

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Saturday 25th March

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Met Con: 10 rds 9 thrusters 43/29kg 35 double unders CF cycling: 21,15,9 pull ups, rest as needed between sets. Finisher: 50 strict sit ups

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Friday 24th March

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Met Con 1: In a pair complete: 60 deadlifts 120/85kg 12 rope climbs 40 deadlifts 8 rope climbs 20 deadlifts 6 rope climbs * reps [...]

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Thursday 23rd March

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Strength: On the min for 10 mins 5 strict hspu + 5 chest to bar Met Con: 'Kelly' 5 rds 400m run 30 box jumps [...]

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