Monday 22nd May

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Regional event 1:
1200m run
Then, 12 rounds of:
4 strict handstand push ups
8 chest to bar pull ups
12 squats

If you have a weighted vest wear it 20/14lb.
If time left strength:
5×5 SLDL.

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Saturday 20th May

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Snatch 5×3
2 cleans + 2 jerks x5

Met Con:
Barbell cycling
3×12 hang squat clean, 1 min rest between

If time 21,15,9 pull up finisher.

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Friday 19th May

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On the min for 10 mins
5 strict chest to bar + 10+ push ups

Met Con:
In a pair complete 12 alternating rds (6 each)
1 rd = 90 sec to complete 2 rds of
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
max KB swings in the time remaining 32/24kg

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Thursday 18th May

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Thruster 3×5
Back squat 3×5

Met Con:
On a rower 30 sec on 30 sec off for 6 intervals
Score metres rowed.

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Wednesday 17th May

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Bar muscle up 3xmax
L-sit (on box, parallettres, weights, floor) 3xmax

Met Con:
Ring dips
Burpee wall balls

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Tuesday 16th May

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SLDL + Weighted pull up (strict) 5×5+5

Met Con:
15 min AMRAP
10 DB snatch 22.5/15kg
5 strict handstand push ups
10 toes to bar

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Monday 15th May

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For 16 mins complete
4 front squats on even mins
8 strict KB (2xKB’s) press on odd mins

Met Con:
sprint chipper
500m row
30 burpees
10 C&J (any) 70/47.5kg

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Saturday 13th May

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Muscle up 4×5+ (2 sets bar/2 sets ring)
Strict toes to bar 3×10

Met Con:
Double unders
Sit ups
Air squats

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