Thursday 31st January

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Deadlift 5rm

Met Con:
800m row
*broken down in any format
60 ring dips
80 toes to bar
100 wall balls
120 double unders

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Wednesday 30th January

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In a team of 4 complete 4000m row. Change when needed.

Met Con:
5 rds
10 handstand push ups
15 pull ups
5 front squats 75/50kg

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Tuesday 29th January

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2 cleans + 2 jerks x5

Met Con:
7 rds
7 burpee box jumps 24/20”
7 kB snatch R 28/20kg
7 toes to bar
7 kB snatch L 28/20kg

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Monday 28th January

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Muscle up 3x max
Front lever 3x lower throughs

Met Con:
20 min AMRAP
* Power C&J 65/45kg
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats
* Power C&J = 1 in round 1, 2 in round 2, 3 in round 3 etc.

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Friday 25th January

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Deadlift 5rm

Met Con:
5 rds
15 toes to bar
20 push ups
25 goblet squats 24/16kg
30 double unders

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Thursday 24th January

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Tabata burpees for 4 mins

Met Con:
100 DB snatch 22.5/15kg
*On the min including the first 10 pull ups
(Scale number of pull ups if needed)

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