Saturday 1st February

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Snatch 3×3

Met Con:
20 min amrap
6 chest to bar pull ups
9 push ups
12 OH over the box step ups 1×15/10kg 24/20″

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Friday 31st January

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Z press 3×10

Met Con:
Pairs wod
12 rds (6 each)
6 power cleans 75/50kg
200m run
6 over the bar burpees
*alternate after each complete round.

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Tuesday 28th January

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3 x max strict pull ups

3 x max strict ring dips

Met Con:
30 Power snatch 60/42.5kg

*on the min including the first 5 over the bar burpees

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Saturday 25th January

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Z press 3×10

Met Con:
In a pair complete
160 pull ups
160 KB swings 24/16kg
160 double unders
160 OH squats 42.5/30kg

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Friday 24th January

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Front squat 3×6

Met Con:
Deadlift 1.5x body weight
Ring push ups (feet the height of the rings)
Front lunge 2×24/16kg (perfoming both legs counts as 1 rep)

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