Thursday 30th July

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5 x 30 sec handstand hold+ + 5 mins handstand walking practice
and core work

3 rounds
21 OHS 50 / 35kg
15 KB swings 24 / 16kg
9 V-situps

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Tuesday 28th July

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4 x 10 Strict T2B + 4 x max ring dips

3 rounds
400m run
30 DU’s
20 Pull ups
10 Swinging single arm KB Clean & Jerk 28/20kg


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Monday 27th July

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5 x 5-8 Strict pull ups

Metcon:- Aurelie’s Birthday Pairs wod
8 rounds (4 rounds each)
Partner A Bike or Row 25 calories whilst Partner B completes
7 Squat cleans
25 Deadlifts
RX:- 80kg/55kg

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Sunday 26th July

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Reebok Nasty Nine
9 Rounds (For Time):

9 Deadlifts 55kg/40kg
9 Toes to bar
9 Power Cleans 55kg/40kg
9 Air squats
9 Push Jerks 55kg/40kg
9 Burpees over the bar

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Saturday 25th July

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We are back inside!

Front Squat 4 x 6

21 Power snatch
9 Pull ups
15 Power snatch
15 Pull ups
9 Power snatch
21 Pull ups
RX:- 50/35kg

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Friday 24th July

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4 x 6-10 Bent over rows (barbell or KB / DB, or even SA).

10 min AMRAP
21 Front rack lunges 50kg/35kg
15 Push ups
9 V-situps


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Thursday 23rd July

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5 sets Split squats x 6-8 reps on each side

3 rounds of
25 KB swings
25 Squat thrusts
20 KB cleans
20 Side plank and hip drops
15 Goblet squats
15 Burpees

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