Monday 23rd November

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Strength:- 5 x 5-8 Strict press

Metcon:- 16 min EMOM
45 seconds work 15 seconds rest
1 – Regional lunge (or single arm overhead lunge)
2 – Side Plank reach throughs
3 – Burpee Tuck Jumps
4 – Box Step ups (with weight in goblet position)

Core Finisher

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Saturday 21st November

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10 min Alternating EMOM
1 – 6 / 6 – Pistols
2 – Diammond Push ups

Metcon:- YGIG 10 rounds
3 Manmakers
9 x Lunge L+Lunge R+ Squat
12 x V-situps

Non working partner to hold isometric hold (alternate rounds between wall sit & plank hold)

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Friday 20th November

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5 x 3 Wall walks

50 Lateral lunges
40 Deadlifts
30 Reverse lunges
20 Sumo Squats
10 Overhead squats
20 Sumo Squats
30 Reverse lunges
40 Deadlifts
50 Lateral lunges
(Add weight if you like)

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Thursday 19th November

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3 x 3 – 5 (each side) Turkish getups

Hspu or pike push ups
Pistol squat L
Pistol squat R
Scale pistol squats for foot round the ankle type.

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Wednesday 18th November

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Strength:- 5 x 5-8 Strict press

12 rounds for time (change arms each round 6 / 6)
12 single arm cleans
9 single arm push press
6 single arm snatch
3 single arm thrusters

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Tuesday 17th November

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Strength:- 5 x 8-12 Squat (Back/ Front / Goblet) or tempo if bodyweight

3 rounds of
DB Deadlift
Push ups
200m run in between sets

Core finisher, 6 min plank, change position every 30secs

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