About CrossFit Tonbridge

Welcome to CrossFit Tonbridge. We are an official CrossFit Affiliate that uses the CrossFit methodology as our prime training method. We are the first UK affiliate to bring CrossFit to the Kent and East Sussex area and having been open since 2010 we operate the most experienced CrossFit box in Kent. We aim to not only change the way you train but also change your lifestyle by giving you the knowledge, fitness and confidence to achieve your goals. This could be your first pull up, shed 20lbs, squat 2 and half times your body weight, climb a mountain or win the CrossFit Games. Whatever it may be we will help you get there.

CrossFit consists of: Constantly varied, functional movements that are performed at high intensity. It is used by some of the World’s top Special Forces, tactical fire arms teams, professional cage fighters and athletes as their predominant strength and conditioning programme.

However that does not mean CrossFit is not for you as CrossFit is universally scalable, this means that anyone can follow our programme at a level that suits them.  The training needs of the average person and a professional athlete do not differ by kind but by degree. Our bodies all work in the same way and require the same exercises and movements to achieve our optimum fitness. For example we all need the ability to pick a heavy object off of the floor, whether it being your shopping bags at the front door or 800lb deadlift in a powerlifting competition, the lift is the same but the degree (weight) differs.

CrossFit also offer the proving grounds for the title of ‘Fittest Man and Woman on the Planet’, The CrossFit Games.

Below is a video of some of our members in action in a comp we put together for them held at CrossFit Tonbridge. The video was kindly made by one of our members Prem, check out his work here: https://www.facebook.com/premgatto/

CrossFit Tonbridge Competition December 2017 – Monsters vs Masters