Success Stories

Tracey Abel:

“I’d been tempted by Crossfit for quite a while before I was brave enough to join, because I was worried it’d be too hard and there was so much that I was unfamiliar with.

How wrong was I?! There’s a really diverse mix of abilities and people, and it doesn’t matter how much you can or can’t do, there’s always a scale or different way that you can do the workouts.

I’ve been going for well over 2 years now, and I just enjoy it more and more. The workouts are so varied that you never get bored. From handstands and pull ups to lifting barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells to running, skipping and jumping and loads more!

The coaches are friendly, patient (thank god!) and motivating and I’ve made some really good friends too, because everyone helps and supports you and encourages you to do more and achieve things you thought you’d never be able to do.

I feel stronger and fitter than I ever have before, and I genuinely look forward to the workouts every time. I’ve even taken part in a couple of in-house competitions and I joined the Crossfit Open this year too!”

George & Leanne

“It was time for a change….I’ve been a sportsman all my life, Leanne not so and we wanted to something together. Gym was a bit monotonous and many other sports, due to different abilities, ended up being an individual past time.

Leanne found Crossfit Tonbridge and the rest, as they say, is history! We joined in 2016 and have loved every minute of it.

We have never felt stronger, fitter, able…..and that’s in the real world….running to catch the train has become a breeze:)

Exercise needs to be varied(strength,cardio,skill), whole body work out, challenging, but still fun and Crossfit ticks all those boxes.

We train in a group filled with young & “older”:), different physical abilities, fitness levels and at no point did we feel out of place.

You compete only against yourself( well most of the time:)), but the encouragement, banter and fun had by all feels like you doing a team sport… that’s the part that makes you want more(sore muscles, aches and pains incl)!

For those still sitting on the fence……don’t wait. It’s absolutely worth it.

Fizz Hayes

“CrossFit is something I had wanted to have a crack at for at least a year before I joined CrossFit Tonbridge in early 2019. The timing could not have been better. I used to row and run a lot and am now a ski instructor. So I have always been relatively active. However, since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April 2018, and going through a number of personal and professional changes, I was desperate to find a constant to get stuck in to.

CrossFit Tonbridge slotted perfectly into my commuting routine, I would stop by for the 7.15 sessions a couple of times a week. No longer commuting, I don’t stick to the 7.15 slot, and attend at different times, depending on work. The hours available are so convenient!

I thrive off being held accountable for my workout, challenging myself and the mixture of coaching and WODs each week keeps me motivated. With a warm welcome from everybody I have met (and continue to meet!), I haven’t looked back since joining CFT ??????

Phil Dias

“When I joined CFT I left pretty much every workout wondering why I was doing it to myself. Two years later and it hasn’t got any easier, I just work harder- but I love it!

The coaching is great and highly supportive. They have the knowledge to help get the best out of you and achieve/exceed personal goals. (That new PB is always just round the corner…)

The sense of community is great as well- no egos, just a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere with a top bunch of people.

Cheers guys!

Zoe Clark

I first started CrossFit back in 2016. Ever since my first training session I have become attached! Not only has it had a massive impact on other sports I take part in but I have learnt how to push myself to the absolute limit.
As well as me enjoying CrossFit, the community spirit and welcoming vibe from all the other members at Tonbridge was what really gripped me. Everyone knows each other and are always happy to help out with movements and provide friendly advice.
As a teenager, I would highly recommend other younger people to come alone and give it a try! I have come so far from when I first started and have no regrets, even after the hardest workouts I leave with a smile :)


“I started crossfit in my first year of medical school and its been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. On a personal level, ive seen huge yearly progression in my strength and conditioning.

From a social perspective, ive made incredible friends – one of the best groups people ive ever met; everyone is both encouraging and enthusiastic, you always wind up having a good laugh despite hustling through a brutal session!

Lastly, Alex, the head coach, is an absolute unit. He’s genuinely an inspiring character – he is head and shoulders above everyone in terms of his fitness, yet is incredibly humble. The entire coaching team at CFT is incredible!

Hannah Davies

“Before I joined Crossfit I wouldn’t have classed myself in the ‘sporty’ category and was definitely lacking in self confidence and motivation.

Crossfit Tonbridge has changed that.  Although it is probably one of the most challenging things I have ever done, it is by far the most rewarding and has helped me to build my confidence and fitness massively.

The varied workouts relieve the boredom that I know I have experienced doing the same fitness routine week in and week out and the regular classes allow you to fit it in around a busy life.  But the thing that has struck me most of all is the community element,  Crossfit Tonbridge is fun and full of the friendliest people who will encourage and support you through each of the workouts with superb coaches that will get the best out of you and have you doing things you never thought possible.
So what are you waiting for, sign up today – you won’t regret it!’