Success Stories

Debbie Waite:

“I have always loved sports and fitness from gym workouts, running and spinning classes to football, snowboarding and kick boxing competitions.  However, I get bored really quickly and once I get to a reasonable level I crave the next challenge – until I started CrossFit.

It has the perfect balance of variety, overall fitness, strength (not in a butch way!) and healthy competition. Since I started in September 2011 I  feel healthier, fitter and stronger, which means I have become more confident with my own body, mainly because there are much fewer wobbly bits than ever before!!

You work out with like minded people who simply want to train, learn and improve themselves whilst having fun.  Its the most positive competitive environment  I have ever encountered because its not about people putting you down and competing against you, but it is about people giving you the confidence to give it a go, do your best and achieve results you never thought possible. Plus its the only sport my husband and I can compete together in – so every now and again I get to whoopp his ass – which is a great feeling!!

Don’t get me wrong its hard work, but its so worth it.  I absolutely love it.  I’m hooked …… for good!”

Juliet Dibbs:

I’ve been a Crossfitter for 16 months now and I have to say I’m completely hooked. As a regular team player of sports at school, I left without considering the importance of continuing my involvement in these activities. After a number of years in the wilderness I decided to join the local gym. I found the classes mundane and that they gave me no real impetus to try that hard, going there just became routine more than anything. I enjoy a challenge and discovered that training outside and getting involved in adventure races and outdoor pursuits was how I preferred to keep fit. I progressed from gym circuits to running, then marathon running, and military style fitness classes to adventure races and now CROSSFIT!

I enjoy the variety of disciplines it entails. Weight training and gymnastics were a whole new world to me not so long ago and are now both essential elements of the training. I am competitive and am thrilled each time I achieve a new 1 Rep Max or am able to RX the Workout of the Day. The WOD’s are intense but achievable for everyone as all can be scaled – and the feeling at completion is awesome……and I don’t just mean of relief! As a result I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been (and also able to pull a mean War Face – that’s what happens when your arms fatigue halfway through a muscle-up!).

I say to anyone thinking of giving it a go – DO IT! DO IT! (Oh, and the bunch of guys/gals you train with aren’t too bad either ;)