Burpees for Pat & Jon if anyone beats them at their Birthday wod. However you will be getting visit form them later if you do.

Squat 6×3

Met Con:
Pat & Jon’s Partner birthday WOD:
Both members of the team complete the following, with only 1 working at a time:

19 Push Press 70kg/45kg clean up from the floor

11 front squat from a rack 90kg/65kg you have put the bar in the rack from the push press and add the weight to it.

24 k2e pull ups (1 rep is a k2e and pull up)

45 ring dips

68 jumping lunges

The non working partner has to hold a 24kg kb/16kg at all times if it touches the floor during the WOD then 5 burpee penalty each partner.

Each team beating Pat and Jon’s score we have to do 10 burpees.