Jim and Theo working hard during Saturdays outdoor wod.

Gym Closed:
We are finalising numbers for the mobility seminar on the 4th & possibly the 27th. Both 12:30-15:30.

The 4th May is defiantly going ahead and I have the following people down as wanting to attend or they have already paid:
Paul C, Dom, Dia, Mike, Jamie V, Debbie W, Tommy, Monika, Claire P, Shelly
For those who haven’t already paid can you please pay over the next few days to confirm your place.

For the 27th I have the following down as wanting to attend:
Ben A, Helen, Gary
I also have Clive and Darrell as ‘maybes’

If anyone else would like to attend the seminar on the 27th please let me know asap.
We currently need a few more for the 27th to make it go ahead. If it doesn’t then we can move all those on the 27th to the 4th if they can make it. We will make a decision Monday morning.