Meet the Team

Gary Harding (Coach & Owner)

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Gary had a very strong sporting background as a youth, in both Football as part of Crystal Palace’s acadamy and in Judo. Though this did not lead him to where he was destined and Gary ended up battling a drug addiction.

After overcoming his addiction, Gary found himself back in the right frame of mind, in fact a stronger more determined frame of mind that could now do anything. This lead him to completing marathons across Nambia, Ironmans and eventually into CrossFit when he joined CFT with his wife Jacqui in 2013. Since then they have both been avid members with Gary progressing to become a coach after passing his CrossFit Level 1 and also going on to compete in many CrossFit competitions.

Alex Clarke (Coach & Owner)

 CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
 Dip. Adv. Personal Training
 British Weight Lifting Level 1
 CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
 Kettle Bell Instructor
 Nutritional Advisor

I am a self confessed CrossFit addict who enjoys taking on challenges of all kinds. For 3 years running I competed at the CrossFit Games European Regionals and in 2012 I was the highest placing UK based athlete  placing 11th in Europe. I have also had other successes with top 10 placings in Central Europe Throwdown, the European Inferno (pairs comp with Dellus West), Dirty Dozen Races Sept 2014 race + 2013 Back yard Jam and  as part of a team in the 2013 UK’s Toughest Gym, with 2 of these being podium finishes.

Not only have I had successes in my own competitions, many of my members/athletes have also had great success. I trained a 15 year old novice to a 6 time U18 world record holder in Power Lifting, programmed for international level CrossFitter’s competing in competitions such as The Athlete games and qualifying to the second stages of the CrossFit Games. I’ve also trained an England’s/Britain’s Strongest Man finalist and South East record holder in powerlifting. On top of this CFT’s weightlifiting team won our League in our first season and many of my CFT athletes have achieve podium place finishes in local competitions and races.

Katie Howitt (Coach)

Coach Katie Howitt
Crossfit Level 1
Crossfit Level 2
British Weight Lifting Level 1
Crossfit speciality courses
Crossfit Gymnastics
Crossfit Kids

Katie became a Crossfit Coach in January 2017 following a career change driven by her desire to spend more time with her family, and yes, a little bit of extra time for Crossfit herself!

Katie has always enjoyed sports, from horse riding as a child, through to county level netball and lacrosse. In her adult life she enjoyed general gym fitness and even competed in a few triathlons and long distance runs.  She found Crossfit in 2012 and has loved the constant challenges it brings, from learning new skills, improving cardiovascular fitness levels to training with like minded people.

In the last 3 years she has competed regularly in the UK, winning multiple masters titles. In 2017 and 2018 she finished within the top 200 women in the 40-44 age category, her best finish in 2017 saw her 3rd in the UK and 94th in the world.

Katie loves sharing her passion for fitness and crossfit, she is an advocate for life long fitness and thrives on learning new skills herself as well as breaking them down to help others learn and achieve them. Katie never gives up and doesn’t believe in the Impossible!

Mike Phillips (Coach)

 CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Mike keeps promising some text, but nothing as yet.

Steve Devine (Coach)

Crossfit Coach Level 1


CrossFit Level 1 Instructor
Crossfit Gymnastics
British Weightlifting Coach L1
Opexfit L1 Nutrition (Opexfit owned by the first Crossfit Games Champion)
Opexfit L1 Program Design
Opexfit L1 Assessment
Opexfit L1 Life Coaching
REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
Training For Warriors – L1 (Martin Rooney)
Precision Nutrition L1
Urban Krav Maga Instructor

Having spent over 13 years in emergency services I understand what it’s like for diet and exercise not to be at the forefront of anyone’s list of priorities. My optimal diet was occasionally not what’s best, but what’s open?? As for shift work, well anyone who’s had jet lag can understand what that’s like.

Who am I and why should you listen to anything I have to say? Well I’m now in my forties and I’m not going to lie, keeping in shape doesn’t get any easier but from this perspective I know what works and what is going to keep you injury free whilst progressing. This in all honesty is the simple secret to success in the gym.

Currently I’m studying a degree in Psychology which keeps me busy when I’m not training clients and it comes in handy when I’m trying to convince people that they’re capable of much more than they thought.

I also have a young son whom I see alternate weekends and I do all of this work and study stuff so that I get to get to spend some quality time with him stuffing my face with Pizza and Ice-Cream (Paleo Pizza and Protein Shake Ice Cream of course)!

Ashley Clarke (Admin)

Ashley does all the real work! Behind every successful man is a woman, and Ash is that woman. Not only does she keep Alex on the straight and narrow, but she organises everything behind the scenes for Crossfit Tonbridge!