5 x 8 Strict Press


Double KB front rack lunge 2 x 24kg/16kg
Push ups

Home Workout:

If you have equipment (3-4 minutes bike / row / skip or jog up and down the road a few times).

5 rounds
20 jumping jacks
10 reverse lunges
30secs plank hold

15 mins AMRAP
2 TGU’s each side (weighted / unweighted / can of beans)
10 GTOH (use a weight plate if you have one, or a heavy book / 6 pack of beer / pack of tonic, think you get my drift!)
15 Air squats
20 Russian Twists
DU’s or double the number for SU’s. If no rope just pretend, imagine you have a rope in your hand and do side to sides.
With situps