Saturday 7th December

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Rich on weighted pull ups.

Squat 5RM
Strict handstand push up 3×5, scale up or down as needed.

Met Con:
KB swings 24/16kg
Sit ups


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Friday 6th December

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Em & Jules during Wednesday nights team wod.

Front lever + back levers alternating between them, perform 3x 3holds on each.
Strict toes to bar 3xmax

Met Con:
12 min AMRAP
3 Shoulder to overhead 50kg/35kg
3 Wall balls 9/6kg
3 Box jumps 24/20″
then 6,6,6/9,9,9/12…etc

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Wednesday 4th December

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Stuart front squatting.

Clean 3,3,2,2,1,1,1
Then perform 1 clean into max front squats at 90% of your best clean.

Met Con:
In teams of 3

5Rds – A new round starts every 5 minutes

15 Hang Cleans 75/50kg (Bar to not touch the floor)
9 rope climbs or 30 Pullups
30 Box jumps
450 metres (Non Rowers hold the plank)

All to be split between team members – all of team must row some distance.

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Tuesday 3rd December

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There’s no stopping Paul training.

Jerk 8×2

Met Con:
3 x 6 min AMRAP’s
1. 3 chest to bar pull ups + 3 over the bar burpees. Then 6+6, 9+9 etc

2. 20 power cleans 60/40 into 750m/600m (M/F) row + as many sit ups as possible

3. 5 handstand push ups + 10 push ups + 20 box jumps 24/20″

2 minute rest between AMRAP’s.


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Saturday 30th November

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Ben during Thursdays met con. And sporting a Mo of course.

Bench 5,4,3,2,1
In between each set 10 ring rows at a suitable scaling.

Met Con:
15 min AMRAP
20 KB front lunges 2×32/20kg
25 pull ups
30 double unders

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Thursday 28th November

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Quick tug of war finisher at the 7:15 class.

Front squat 5,4,3,2,1
Muscle up 3xmax

Met Con:
3 rds
500m row
20 ring push ups
10 KB cleans 2×32/24kg


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Tuesday 26th November

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Nathan on his way to winning last nights met con.

Clean & jerk 10×1

Met Con:
Deadlift 100/70kg
Overhead squat 60/40kg


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Saturday 23rd November

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Burpees for Pat & Jon if anyone beats them at their Birthday wod. However you will be getting visit form them later if you do.

Squat 6×3

Met Con:
Pat & Jon’s Partner birthday WOD:
Both members of the team complete the following, with only 1 working at a time:

19 Push Press 70kg/45kg clean up from the floor

11 front squat from a rack 90kg/65kg you have put the bar in the rack from the push press and add the weight to it.

24 k2e pull ups (1 rep is a k2e and pull up)

45 ring dips

68 jumping lunges

The non working partner has to hold a 24kg kb/16kg at all times if it touches the floor during the WOD then 5 burpee penalty each partner.

Each team beating Pat and Jon’s score we have to do 10 burpees.

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Friday 22nd November

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Frank during last nights strength work.

500m row

Press 5×5

Met Con:
4 min AMRAP
3 front squats 70/45kg
3 toes to bar
6,6,9,9,12,12 etc
1 min rest
1 min max ring dips


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