Wednesday 29th August

Theo finally happy after removing his vibrams

Front Squat 10×2 60 sec rest

Met Con:
3 rds
5 Deadlifts 140kg/90kg
5 Elevated handstand push ups
3 rds
20 KB swings 32kg/24kg
30 Double unders

CrossFit Rugby

5 x 5 Squat @ 75% of 1RM ( Superset with 4 x Depth Jumps)
4 Sets of 2 Hang Power Clean into Power Jerk (Superset with 4 x Dynamic Pushups)
Met Con: 4 Rds for time
8 Overhead Squats 50/30kg
8 Toes to Bar
20 metre Prowler Push 80/50kg
4 x 10m Shuttle with down and up at each turn
60 second rest between rds

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