Jules Deadlifting.

Squat 5,5,3,3,1,1
L-sit 60 seconds total

Met Con:
Pull up
Ring dip
On finishing complete 50 double unders, start within 30 secs of finishing


CrossFit Rugby:


Death by Shuttle – Complete as many Shuttles as you can in 66 seconds – followed by a 60 second recovery. Then with the clock running in the first minute perform 1 x Shuttle run. On minute two complete 2 x Shuttle run. Continue until you can’t complete the required number of reps in the minute.

Met Con: ‘The Beast’

16 minute AMRAP
6 KB Swings 32/24kg
6 Burpee Boxjumps
6 Wall Climbs
Then within 3 minutes of finishing complete either 66 seconds continuous, or as long as you can manage without re-gripping (max 66 seconds) deadlifts at 160/100kg.
RX’d totals will contribute to Alex’s birthday burpees.