Muscle up 3xxmax
Bularian ring dip 5×5

Met Con:
‘play on the F45 playoff test’
45 sec work followed by 15 sec rest/change over for the following:
bench hops
push ups + knee tuck
Lateral hops
burpee box jumps (facing the box & hand release) 20/16″
strict pull ups
thruster 20/15kg
med ball twists 20/14lb (straight arms, no bouncing)
ball over shoulder 50/30kg
sprint + 4 lateral hops (2 hurdles 5m apart)

F45 targets for a great score: 335m, 100 hops, 30 reps, 100 L-hops, 20 pull ups, 20 reps, 20 med balls, 20 ball (though we have gone heavier), 12 hops.