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Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 9th August

Week at the games
Event 8
In 10 mins achieve a 1 rm clean. Must use 2.5kg increments.

Event 9
Box jumps 24/20”
Toes to bar

Event 10
Bar touching Burpees
Overhead squats 60/42.5kg

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Thursday 8th August

Week at the games
Event 6
Sprint course

Event 7
5 rounds:
8 side to side pull ups
100 double-unders
16 DB hang split snatches 22.5/15kg
16 DB hang clean and jerks 22.5/15kg

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Wednesday 7th August

Week at the games.
Event 5:
20 min AMRAP
5 hspu
10 pistol squats
15 pull ups

Partner leg lifts
20 straight, 20 left, 20 right, 20 out and ups.

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Tuesday 6th August

Week at the games
Event 2:
800m row
66 KB stoh
40m handstand walk or bear crawl

Event 3:
400m with 8kg
400m with 12kg
400m with 16kg
400m with 20kg
400m with 24kg
400m with 28kg

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Monday 5th August

Week at the games:
Event 1:
4 rds
400m run
20 chest to bar pull ups
7 snatches 85/57.5kg

Partner med ball abs

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Saturday 3rd August

Squat 3×8

Met Con:
3 rds
50m farmers carry 2×22.5/15kg
25 push press 50/35kg
50 double unders

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Friday 2nd August

Strict chin ups 3x max reps
Strict toes to bar 3×10

Met Con:
OH squats 70/47.5kg
Over the bar burpees

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Thursday 1st August

Strict handstand push up 5×5-10
Dish hold 5×20+ sec

Met Con:
2 rds
800m run
5 wall climbs
20 pull ups
35 push ups
50 air squats

By |July 31st, 2019|

Wednesday 31st July

5x Power snatch + squat snatch + hang snatch

Met Con:
5 rds
10 deadlifts 125/85kg
10 burpees

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