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Saturday 14th December

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Clean 5,3,1,3,5

Met Con:
Monsters vs Masters Event 3
30 plate gtoh 20/15
30 sit ups
30 box jumps 20”
30 push press 2×15/10 (more advanced 20/16 KB’s)
30 jumping lunges
30 knees to chest (ttb more advanced)

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Friday 13th December

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Weighted ring rows 3 X 10 (feet on the box)

Met Con:
KB deadlift 2×32/24kg
Pull ups
Push ups

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Wednesday 11th December

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Muscle up 3x max

Met Con:
3 rds
1 min sumo high pulls 32/24kg
1 min med ball twists
1 min shuttle runs with a chest to floor at each end.
1 min push ups
1 min knee to chest sit ups
1 min rest

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Monday 9th December

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3x 10 strict toes to bar + 10 strict press

Met Con:
3 rds
20 pull ups
15 front squats 60/42.5kg
10 handstand push ups

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Saturday 7th December

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Weighted ring rows 3 X 10 (feet on the box)

Met Con:
Pairs wod 1 work while the other does an isometric hold
80 wall balls 20/14lbs / dip hold
80 T2B / wall ski sit
80 STOH 55/37.5kg / Plank
80 DU / L-Sit
80 Power cleans 55/37.5kg / HS hold (against wall or freestanding)

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Friday 6th December

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Overhead squat 5×3

Met Con:
European Championships 20.3
Mins 0-3
100 double unders + max alternating DB snatch 22.5/15kg
Mins 3-6
100 double unders + max DB thrusters 2x 22.5/15kg
Mins 6-9
100 double unders + max DB devils press 2x 22.5/15kg

(If you find double unders difficult spend 90 secs on DU practice then perform the max reps)

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