Want to Start Crossfit?

We have a current offer of a free taster session. Stick your head through the door, or join in a class – whatever you’d like to do.

Following the taster session we ask you to do 2x 1-hour inductions on days that suit you. In these two hours you will learn the basic weightlifting and gymnastics movements that make up CrossFit. We’re confident you’ll love it!


Session 1: squat (front, back, overhead), press and the Olympic lift Clean, Clean and Jerk

Session 2: Deadlift, Snatch, some gymnastic movements including pull ups, ring rows, toes to bar, handstand push ups, dips, sit ups. And some light equipment exercises – kettlebell swings, wall balls, box jumps etc.

Don’t be put off by all the names and movements. The beauty of CrossFit is that every single exercise is fully scalable or adaptable to suit everyone. We have a huge array of members with different needs, ranging from pregnancies, injuries, those lacking mobility and flexibility or anyone simply trying to get better physically and mentally. There are also many progressions which can be learnt in the run-up to the full movement. For example, we have rubber bands of varying thickness to use when learning pull ups. These get progressively thinner until you don’t need them at all, and you’re doing pull ups with no band.

Come and see how much fun Crossfit Tonbridge is!

If you are already competent at the Olympic lifts then you will not need to attend the induction course and can join straight after a quick assessment.

Please contact us for further information or to book your induction course or assessment.


Our coaches break everything down and will help you get better at everything in each class. It’s all carried out in a very relaxed atmosphere. All classes are 1 hour. This includes group warm up, strength or skill section, then the “WOD” (Workout of the Day). Lastly, you’ll all stretch off together. No more wondering around the gym thinking about what to do as its written on the board and you will do together with your new friends. Our programming cycles run in 6-week blocks, so the new skill you are learning or strength you’re honing, will become better each week.

Please see our current timetables below.

Sevenoaks CrossFit Timetabke

 Timetable is TBC; we run a live timetable through Team-Up, please book in online at https://goteamup.com/p/8766-crossfit-tonbridge/