Monthly membership:

We run our monthly membership month by month. The membership will run from the day you take out you membership up to the same day the following month. There are no contracts or any tie-ins.

Monthly membership prices:

1 attendance per week = £38
2 attendances per week = £50
3 attendances per week = £60
Unlimited attendances = £70
Under 18 Membership: 2 sessions per week = £35 & 3 sessions per week = £45
Private session = £40 per hour, £30 for members

Drop In:

If you are in the area and wish to come and train with us please email us at

Drop in rates are £10. You can complete the required info and book in, by following the link here: Single Class Drop In

If you’re in the area for a bit longer, we offer a 1 week unlimited drop in pass for £25: One Week Unlimited Pass

Induction  Course:

Individual = £60  – Follow this link to pay for your induction Crossfit Tonbridge Induction Course

Special offer 2019: 2 weeks of free unlimited membership when completing your induction course! Come and see how much fun training can be!

*Memberships may be reviewed at CrossFit Tonbridge’s discretion*